orcharhino Debug

The orcharhino-debug utility is present on orcharhino as well as on any attached orcharhino Proxy. It exists to collect configuration and log data for debugging. The so collected information can be uploaded to ATIX Support by using the -u option.

When making a support request with ATIX you may be asked to provide an orcharhino-debug tarball, so we can better diagnose the problem.

We respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (Deutsch: Datenschutz-Grundverordnung/DSGVO). orcharhino-debug packages data such as log files and the output of certain analysis tools. The -u option sends the collected data to ATIX AG via a secure channel. Passwords and other access keys are excluded. We respect your privacy and respect data protection. If you still have concerns, do not use this tool (or at least not the -u option). If you use orcharhino-debug together with the -u option, the data you have sent will be used in confidence and deleted as quickly as possible.

See the output of orcharhino-debug -h for more information:

/usr/sbin/orcharhino-debug - configuration and log data collector

USAGE: /usr/sbin/orcharhino-debug [options]

Collects configuration and log data for Foreman, Smart Proxies, backend
services and system information while removing security information like
passwords, tokens and keys.

This program can be used on Foreman instances, Smart Proxy instances or
backend services separately.

  -d DIR  Directory to place the tarball in (default /tmp/foreman-XYZ)
  -g      Skip generic info (CPU, memory, firewall etc.)
  -a      Do not generate a tarball from the resulting directory
  -s SIZE Maximum log set size in MB (current+rotated files, defaults to 10 MB)
  -j PRG  Filter with provided program when creating a tarball
  -p      Additionally print password patterns being filtered out
  -q      Quiet mode
  -v      Verbose mode
  -u      Upload tarball
  -h      Shows this message

The upload option (-u) will upload your tarball to a write only server (readable
by ATIX Support).

Note in particular the -u option, which will upload your tarball to ATIX Support. If you choose to upload your tarball, ensure you reference its filename when you contact ATIX Support. (This filename will be displayed by orcharhino-debug once the upload has completed successfully).