orcharhino Knowledge Base

The ATIX Service Portal also includes the orcharhino Knowledge Base. The orcharhino Knowledge Base serves to collect solutions to past customer issues in the form of short articles. It may also include articles that do not fit well within the structure of this documentation. As such, the orcharhino Knowledge Base is intended to complement this documentation.

The ATIX Service Portal collects and publishes important and urgent security advisories in the list of security notes. This information allows you to react fast, mitigate and solve potential issues, and update software when necessary. This leads to better overall security and stability of your orcharhino.

If you do have some issue, it is always good to check the orcharhino Knowledge Base first, in case there is already a solution for it. (If not, go ahead and open an ATIX Support ticket).

Once you log in to the ATIX Service Portal, you can find the orcharhino Knowledge Base and security notes as marked in the following screenshot:

ATIX Service Portal and orcharhino Knowledge Base