Filter Bars

Filter bars are a recurring element on many pages in the orcharhino management UI.

orcharhino filter bars support advanced search features like search suggestions, searching specific parameters, logic operators, and bookmarking searches for future reference. While the available search parameters differ for filter bars on different pages, the basic mechanic is always the same.

In order to illustrate the usage of filter bars, we will use the bookmarks page as an example throughout this section. The bookmarks page lists all bookmarks for every filter bar in orcharhino. Even a clean install of orcharhino will have some preconfigured bookmarks:

Filter bars on the bookmarks page
  • The filter bar (1) allows for user input to filter hosts.

  • The list of bookmarks (2) displays the full list of hosts.

  • The input field (3) is used to enter a search query.

  • The clear button (4) clears whatever has been entered in the input field (3).

  • The search button (5) filters the current page according to whatever has been entered in the input field (3).

  • The bookmark drop down menu (6) displays saved bookmarks which can be selected to use a predefined filter.

Using Search Suggestions

When selecting the input field of a filter bar, a page specific drop down list of possible search parameters and operators (search suggestions) appears:

Filter bars search suggestions
  • The bookmarks page has two possible search parameters (1).

  • The bookmarks page also has two possible operators (2) for the start of a search.

When you select or enter one of the possible search suggestions, adding an additional space causes the drop down list of search suggestions to show possible continuations:

Filter bars search suggestions continuation
  • If you add a space behind controller, possible continuations appear in the drop down list. When you are satisfied with your entered search query, click the search button to apply your filter:

Complete search query

In this particular example, the filter controller = hosts yields the following bookmarks page:

Filtered bookmark page
  • The search query (1) in use is displayed in the filter bar.

  • Note how only bookmarks with hosts in the controller column (2) are displayed in the filtered list of bookmarks

  • Note how there are only six entries (3) as compared to the seventeen entries in the unfiltered list in the previous section.

A search that does not use any search parameters or operators displays all entries that contain the search query as a substring of any parameter.

Using and Creating Bookmarks

The bookmark drop down menu of a filter bar displays existing bookmarks for that filter bar as well as a Bookmark this search option:

Bookmark a search
  • Click the bookmark drop down button (1) to open the bookmark drop down menu.

  • Select one of the existing bookmarks (2) to immediately apply a filter using the search query contained in the bookmark.

  • Select the Bookmark this search option (3) to open the add bookmark window. If you have currently applied a filter, the add bookmark window has prefilled fields, else it is blank.

After you have applied a filter to the bookmarks page using the search query controller = hosts, the following window opens if you select Bookmark this search from the filter bar’s bookmark drop down menu:

Adding bookmark window
  • The suggested Name (1) may not be very descriptive and should be changed accordingly.

  • The Search query field (2) can be left as is.

  • If the Public check mark (3) is set, the bookmark will be available to all orcharhino users. If it is not set, the bookmark will only be visible to the user creating it.

  • Click Submit (4) to save your changes.

  • You can edit or delete existing bookmarks from the bookmarks page.

The new bookmark has now been added to the filter bar:

New bookmark
  • All orcharhino users can now filter the bookmarks page using the search query controller = hosts by clicking on the new public bookmark named controller (1). This is particularly useful for more complicated search queries.

Operator Reference

Filter bar search queries use the following grammar:

  • <expression> = <string_parameter> <string_operator> <string>

  • <expression> = <numeric_parameter> <numeric_operator> <numeric_expression>

  • <expression> = not <expression> | has <expression>

  • <expression> = <expression> and <expression> | <expression> or <expression>

  • strings containing spaces need to be enclosed in quotes ("<string>").

  • round brackets can be used to adjust logic operator scope.

The following is a list of possible search query operators:

Operator Type Description


prefix logic operator

logical negation


prefix logic operator

logical existence


infix logic operator

logical conjunction


infix logic operator

logical disjunction


string comparison

equals (case sensitive)


string comparison

not equals/unequal (case sensitive)


string comparison

contains (case insensitive)


string comparison

not contains (case insensitive)


string comparison

in operator (case insensitive)


string comparison

not in operator (case insensitive)


numeric comparison

less than


numeric comparison

greater than