The orcharhino management UI is divided into two main areas: the menu area which allows you to navigate different pages and the content area which displays the chosen page:

Management UI menu area
  • The organization menu (1) shows the currently selected organization context.

  • The location menu (2) shows the currently selected location context.

  • The notification icon (3) indicates new notifications with a red number, which can then be viewed by clicking on it.

  • The user menu (4) allows the currently logged in user to configure their account settings and log out.

  • The monitor menu (5) contains menu items to view and create reports of managed hosts.

  • The content menu (5) includes menu items related to managing content.

  • The hosts menu (5) bundles menu items to deploy and manage hosts.

  • The applications menu (5) contains the menu items for application centric deployment and is only available if the ACD plugin is installed.

  • The configure menu (5) includes menu items relating to configuration management.

  • The infrastructure menu (5) contains menu items regarding the infrastructure of orcharhino and its managed hosts.

  • The administer menu (5) includes menu items intended for orcharhino administration rather than orcharhino usage.

The management UI chapter mirrors the menu items and has one subsection for each menu item.