The organizations page can be accessed via the administer menu, as well as the context menu:

Administer > Organizations

"current_organization" (named dynamically) > Manage Organizations

Organizations in orcharhino are one aspect of context. The second aspect of context are locations.

The organizations page is structurally closely analogous to the locations page. Reading this documentation for either page should suffice to understand both pages.

Generally all resources managed by orcharhino are assigned to one or more organizations as well as to one or more locations. User access is then restricted to those resources located in the organizations/locations that a user is in. As such, organizations can also be seen as part of orcharhino’s user management.

Organization page
  • The New Organization button (1) allows you to add a new organization.

    Creating an Organization or Location that contains white space or non ASCII characters has been known to cause bugs. Please choose a single word that does not include umlauts or special characters.

  • The Mismatches Report button (2) lists all hosts that are not assigned to any organization.

  • The table (3) lists all currently existing organizations.

  • The Actions menu (4) holds two functions:

    • You may edit an existing organization.

    • You may delete an organization.