Application Instances

The Application Instances page is part of the Foreman ACD plugin and only exists if this plugin is installed on your orcharhino.

You can access the Application Instances page through the applications menu:

Applications > Application Instances

Application instances in orcharhino
  • Click the New Application Instance button (1) to create an application instance. This requires an existing application definition.

  • The table (2) shows all currently available application instances. Clicking the Show Report link displays the report of the last application instance deployment as shown below.

  • Click the Deploy button (3) to deploy an application instance.

  • Alternatively, open the drop down menu (4) for the following options:

    • click Run Playbook to solely run the Ansible playbook.

    • click Run Playbook - Customize First to open the job invocation page to edit the job template before running it.

      • You can make the Ansible playbook output more verbose.

      • You can add more Ansible variables before executing the Ansible playbook.

      • You can select specific tags and hereby limit the tasks of the Ansible playbook that will be executed. Alternatively, you can also choose to skip specific tasks by selecting tags to skip.

        Refer to the job invocation page for more information.

    • click Delete to remove the application instance from your orcharhino.

Refer to the application centric deployment guide on how to use the ACD plugin and for detailed procedure instructions.