Deb Packages

The deb packages page can be accessed via the content menu:

Content > Deb Packages

The deb packages page forms a part of orcharhino’s content management.

Deb packages are one content type supported by orcharhino. Content of type deb packages is contained in repositories of type deb.

As the name suggests this content type corresponds to Debian packages (with the .deb extension), for installation on Debian based operating systems. This includes well known derivatives like Ubuntu. Supporting content of this type is an important leg for orcharhino’s strategy of vendor independence.

The deb packages page displays a list of all Debian packages currently available through orcharhino’s content management. That is all the Debian packages, contained in all deb type repositories imported into orcharhino, as part of any product.

If you are interested in the list of installed packages of a specific content host, have a look at Deb Packages.