The subscriptions page can be accessed via the content menu:

Content > Subscriptions

The subscriptions page is part of orcharhino’s content management. It lists one subscription for every product.

List of subscriptions within orcharhino
  • The Add Subscriptions button (1) allows you to import allocated subscriptions from a Red Hat account. This requires an already imported Red Hat manifest.

  • The Manage Manifest button (2) allows you to import a Red Hat manifest or delete the current one.

  • The Export CSV button (3) allows you to export the list of subscriptions as a .csv file to your local machine.

  • The list of subscriptions displays all existing subscriptions within orcharhino. The table contains information such as start and end date, number of currently used subscriptions, and number of entitlements.

Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on managed hosts requires a subscription from Red Hat. Ensure to provide valid licenses for all used Red Hat products. Using insufficient, invalid, or otherwise inadequate licenses might violate your terms with Red Hat.

We recommend using a Manifest file from your Red Hat account to import available content to orcharhino. Navigate to Content > Subscriptions to see available and consumed Red Hat subscriptions.

Downloading a Red Hat Manifest

Red Hat subscriptions can be obtained by importing a Red Hat manifest, which are only available to Red Hat customers. Red Hat subscriptions tend to be limited in number, i.e. they can only be deployed to a limited number of hosts and once they are so consumed, additional subscriptions need to be bought.

Go to to download your Red Hat manifest:

Red Hat subscription
  • Go to the Subscription Allocations page (1) and select an existing subscription.

  • The Export Manifest button (2) allows you to export a .zip file containing all information required by orcharhino. This will download a file called manifest-<name of the manifest>-<date of export>.zip which will be automatically processed by orcharhino.

Importing a Red Hat Manifest

Navigate to Content > Subscriptions and click the manage manifest button on the top. This will open the following window:

Managing a Red Hat manifest within orcharhino

Select the .zip file you have downloaded from Red Hat as shown above.

After the import has finished, go to the subscriptions page and select the one you have imported:

Red Hat imported subscriptions

This page displays the same information as your Red Hat account did.

Enabling a Red Hat Repository

Once a Red Hat manifest has been imported, i.e. the corresponding Red Hat subscriptions have been added, individual Red Hat repositories need to be enabled before any Red Hat products will be added to orcharhino.

Go to the Red Hat repositories page to enable any Red Hat repositories within your imported manifest.