SUSE Subscriptions

The SUSE Subscriptions page is part of the SCC Manager plugin and only exists if this plugin is installed on your orcharhino. Refer to the managing SLES systems guide for usage instructions.

The SUSE Subscriptions page can be accessed via the content menu:

Content > SUSE Subscriptions

The SUSE Subscriptions page is part of orcharhino’s content management. You can integrate your SUSE Customer Center (short: SCC) accounts into orcharhino. After adding an SCC account, you can import preconfigured SUSE products into orcharhino.

Running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on managed hosts requires a subscription from SUSE. Ensure to provide valid licenses for all used SUSE products. Using insufficient, invalid, or otherwise inadequate licenses might violate your terms with SUSE.

We recommend using the SCC Manager plugin to import available products from SUSE to orcharhino. Navigate to Content > SUSE Subscriptions to see available and consumed SUSE subscriptions.

The SUSE subscriptions page contains an Add SCC account button and a list of SCC accounts already known to orcharhino:

List of configured SCC accounts
  • Click the Add SCC account button (1) to add an SCC account.

  • Click the name of an entry in the list of SCC accounts (2) to edit an SCC account.

  • Click select products in the Actions menu (3) to import SUSE products to orcharhino.

  • Click sync in the Actions menu (3) to synchronize the list of available SUSE products from your SCC account.

  • Click delete in the Actions menu (3) to remove the SCC account from orcharhino.