Compliance Policies

The compliance policies page is part of the OpenSCAP plugin and only exists if this plugin is installed on your orcharhino.

Access the compliance policies page through the hosts menu:

Hosts > Compliance > Policies

A compliance policy is a high level concept of orcharhino’s OpenSCAP plugin. It requires the setting of a specific XCCDF profile from a selected SCAP content, optionally using a tailoring file, for use with managed hosts. Compliance policies are associated with a schedule to run audits and any number of host groups.

The compliance policies page includes a New Compliance Policy button and a list of compliance policies:

List of compliance policies
  • Click New Compliance Policy (1) to create a compliance policy. New compliance policies are associated with a name, an optional description, a SCAP content file, an XCCDF profile from that SCAP content, an optional tailoring file with XCCDF profile, a schedule, a context, and any number of host groups.

  • Click on a name in the Name column (2) to view the overview page for all hosts associated with that policy.

  • Click on a SCAP content in the Content column (3) to edit the selected SCAP content.

  • Click Dashboard (4) to view the compliance policy.

  • Select Show Guide (5) from the drop down menu to display all configuration settings associated with the selected SCAP content.

  • Select Delete (6) from the drop down menu to delete the compliance policy from orcharhino.

Refer to the OpenSCAP guide for more information.