Partition Tables

The partition tables page can be accessed via the hosts menu:

Hosts > Partition tables

Partition tables are one type of templates and form a part of orcharhino’s provisioning setup. In order to provision new hosts using orcharhino, the drives that those hosts run on need to be partitioned appropriately.

Ensure to associate the partition tables with the corresponding operating system entries.

In general, a clean install of orcharhino will come with any required templates and it is neither expected nor recommended that orcharhino users manually edit any templates. Locked templates should not be changed, otherwise they will not be updated any more. Use the clone function instead. Note, however, that cloned or self-created templates are not updated during an orcharhino update.

In case you know what you are doing, and template editing is desirable, the web interface provides extensive tools to do so, including inbuilt documentation on template syntax.