Tailoring Files

The tailoring files page is a part of the OpenSCAP plugin and only exists if this plugin is installed on your orcharhino.

Access the tailoring files page through the hosts menu:

Hosts > Compliance > Tailoring Files

Tailoring files specify a set of modifications for existing SCAP content. They modify SCAP contents to your particular needs without changing the original SCAP content itself.

The tailoring files page includes an Upload New Tailoring file button and a list of tailoring files:

Tailoring files
  • Click Upload New Tailoring file (1) to upload an .xml file in DataStream format containing SCAP content modifications.

  • Select the name of a tailoring file in the Name column (2) to edit the tailoring file. Editing a tailoring file is essentially identical to uploading a tailoring file. You can change the name, the tailoring file, and the associated context.

  • Click Delete (3) to delete the selected tailoring file from orcharhino.

  • Select Download (4) from the drop down menu to download the selected .xml file.

Refer to the OpenSCAP guide for more information.