Compute Profiles

The compute profiles page can be accessed via the infrastructure menu:

Infrastructure > Compute profiles

Compute profiles are intended to be used in conjunction with compute resources. A compute profile is a named list containing a compute attribute set for each compute resource known to orcharhino. A compute attribute set is a list of default values that can be supplied to its compute resource when creating a virtualization instance with that compute resource.

For example, a compute attribute set for a VMware type compute resource contains settings like the number of CPUs and how much working memory a yet to be created virtual machine has. We can think of compute attribute sets as default config files for the compute resource in question.

By default, orcharhino comes with three predefined compute profiles, named 1-Small, 2-Medium, and 3-Large. By editing the individual compute attribute sets in each profile, it is possible for an orcharhino administrator to individually define what small, medium, and large means. Additionally, you may create and use your own compute profiles and define them according to your most popular needs. When orcharhino is used to create a host on some given compute resource, orcharhino users can choose between small, medium, and large, without an in depth understanding of what settings this entails. (Though they still can adjust any of these settings at that stage, if they so choose.)

The compute profiles page includes a Create Compute Profile button and a list of compute profiles:

List of known compute profiles
  • The Name column (1) displays a list of existing compute profiles.

  • Clicking the Create Compute Profile button (2) allows you to create a compute profile.

  • Selecting Rename from the Actions menu (3) allows you to change the compute profile’s name.

  • Selecting Delete from the Actions menu (3) deletes the compute profile from the list of compute profiles.

Clicking on the name of a compute profile will take you to the edit compute profile page for that compute profile. This is the only way to view the compute attribute sets for existing profiles.

Creating a Compute Profile

The create compute profile page can be accessed via the Create Compute Profile button:

Infrastructure > Compute profiles >> Create Compute Profile

The create compute profile page consists entirely of a name field:

Creating a new compute profile
  • The Name field (1) identifies the type of host that the profile is being assembled for, for example Large Database Server or Small Client Machine.

  • Click the Submit button (2) to create the compute profile. This takes you to the editing a compute profile page where you can add compute attribute sets to your new profile.

Renaming a Compute Profile

Renaming a compute profile is basically identical to creating one.

Renaming a compute profile

After changing the Name (1), click Submit (2) to save your changes.

Editing a Compute Profile

Refer to the compute resource chapter on how to edit a compute resource provider specific compute profile.