Compute Resources

The compute resources page can be accessed via the infrastructure menu:

Infrastructure > Compute resources

The term compute resource refers to any server that offers a virtualization solution as a service. Here, the term virtualization solution can refer both to a service providing virtual machines, or containers.

Most modern IT infrastructures make extensive use of virtualization. In most use cases hosts managed by orcharhino will run on virtual machines. As a result, orcharhino needs to be able to interact with the underlying compute resource providing the virtualization service. The compute resources page exists to manage this interaction.

orcharhino supports a wide range of different virtualization solutions from different providers. For now, the documentation focuses primarily on VMware and Proxmox. It may be expanded with detailed documentation for other compute resource providers at a later time.

Hosts managed by orcharhino that run on virtual machines are said to be associated with the virtual machine they run on. It is possible to disassociate (and reassociate) a host from the virtual machine it runs on. This will keep the hosts entry in orcharhino but sever its connection to the underlying compute resource. The host entry can then be deleted or retained within orcharhino independently of the virtual machine on the underlying compute resource.

Viewing Compute Resources

The compute resources page can be accessed via the infrastructure menu.

Infrastructure > Compute Resources

Compute resources
  • Clicking Create Compute Resource (1) lets you attach an already existing compute resource to orcharhino.

  • The page lists an overview of all available compute resources by Name (2).

  • You may edit a compute resource or delete one via the Actions menu (3).

More information on individual compute resource providers can be found in the compute resource chapter.

You will find the following subsections for each compute resource provider:

  • Creating a compute resource

  • Editing a compute resource

  • Viewing a virtual machine

  • Importing a virtual machine

  • Creating a compute resource image

  • Editing a compute resource image