The subnets page can be accessed via the infrastructure menu:

Infrastructure > Subnets

For orcharhino to manage any hosts, it needs to know about the networks (or subnets) those hosts will be in. The subnets page exists to manage the available networks.

List of subnets

The subnet page lists all available subnets. Additionally, you may create a subnet or alter an existing one.

Creating a Subnet

Clicking the Create Subnet button opens the menu to setup a subnet.

Subnet filter bar and create subnet button

Clicking Create Subnet (1) opens a new page to create a subnet.

Creating a subnet

The page shown above lets you input the configuration data of the subnet. It needs a name as well as a network address, network prefix, and network mask. Optionally, you may choose to set a gateway address and primary and secondary DNS server. IPAM lets you decide between static IP addresses and DHCP, i.e. automatically assign IP addresses to new hosts.

There are several more tabs (1) to further configure the subnet.

Click the Submit button (2) to save the subnet to orcharhino.

The actual creation of the subnet needs to be handled on the network the orcharhino and the hosts run on. This may be your cloud provider, your virtualization solution, or hardware based via a network switch. The button sets up orcharhino to utilise said subnet.

Editing a Subnet

Selecting a subnet from the list of available subnets takes you back to the create a subnet page with already prefilled information. You may now make changes as you seem fit and click Submit to apply the changes.

Editing a subnet