Report Templates

The report templates page can be accessed via the monitor menu:

Monitor > Reports > Report Templates

Report templates
  • Clicking the Create Template button (1) allows you to create a report template. Navigate to the templates page for more information.

  • The table (2) lists all currently available report templates. Report templates are context sensitive.

  • The Actions menu (3) holds four functions:

    • You may generate a new report from a specific report template as shown below.

    • You may clone a report template. This is the recommended way if you want to edit a default template.

    • You may export a report template. This saves the report template as .erb file on your local machine.

    • You may unlock a currently locked report template. This allows users to edit the selected template.

      We generally recommend not overwriting templates provided by orcharhino. Instead, you may clone the template and edit the cloned version.

Generating a Report

Clicking the generate button as shown above allows you to generate a report. The following example generates a subscription entitlement report.

Generating a report
  • The Generate at field (1) allows you to define the date and time of template execution. Leaving this field empty creates the report immediately.

  • The Send report via e-mail checkbox (2) allows you to receive the report via email. If unchecked, you may download the finished report via your browser.

  • The Deliver to e-mail addresses field (3) accepts one or more email addresses delimited by ,.

  • The Output format drop down menu (4) allows you to choose between .csv, .json, .yaml, and .html output files.

  • The Days from Now drop down menu (5) is specific to the selected report template, i.e. Subscription - Entitlement Report. Other report templates may include various other fields.

  • Click the Submit button (6) to generate the report or save the information to your orcharhino for execution in the future.