Background Services

orcharhino makes use of numerous distinct background services, such as Foreman and Pulp. These services are managed using systemd like any other system service. When troubleshooting some problem, it is generally important to know what services are affected.

This section of the troubleshooting chapter explains how to check on orcharhino background services.

The current status of various background services can be viewed on the about page under Backend System Status. Ensure the Status column reads OK for every service.

In addition, the status of any orcharhino Proxy can be viewed on the Smart Proxies tab in the System Status area of the about page. The status of any compute resource can be viewed on the Compute Resources tab.

If any of these services show any other status than OK or if you have independent suspicions, it may be worth restarting these services.

You require console access to the orcharhino host to use the following utilities.

For a comprehensive list of all system services in use by orcharhino, run the following command on the orcharhino host:

# foreman-maintain service list

For detailed information on all orcharhino background services use:

# foreman-maintain service status