Remote Execution Guide

orcharhino’s remote execution features allow for the execution of arbitrary commands on hosts managed through orcharhino via the web interface (subject to having the relevant permissions).

One way to distinguish between orcharhino administrators and regular users is to place the orcharhino server as well as any attached orcharhino proxies into a separate location and/or organization context.

Alternatively, you can achieve a fine grained permissions concept using roles and filters.

Remote execution features may also be used by other orcharhino components to deliver their various services. As such, they can also be considered a part of orcharhino’s internal plumbing, and are spread out across the orcharhino web interface.

This guide uses orcharhino specific terminology. If you are new to orcharhino or unsure about certain terms, have a look at our glossary.

This guide primarily exists to collect relevant documentation in a single place. It is meant to complement relevant subsections from the management UI chapter:

See configuring and setting up remote jobs for more information.