The users page can be accessed via the administer menu:

Administer > Users

The users page forms a part of orcharhino’s user management.

orcharhino user accounts exist to provide (and restrict) access to orcharhino user interfaces. The users page exists to create, edit, and delete orcharhino user accounts.

The users page includes a Create User button, and a list of users that already have an orcharhino user account:

Example user page

Creating a User

Clicking the Create User button lets you create a new user. Choosing a valid username and password are the only mandatory fields. You may optionally add a name and surname, an email address as well as assign the new user to a specific location and organization. Roles are part of orcharhino’s security concept and let you fine-tune access patterns.

Editing a User

On the Email Preferences tab of the User configuration it is possible to subscribe to certain events and an assorted set of regular summary reports.


As a prerequisite to this feature, orcharhino must be properly configured to send mails. This can be done on the settings page. This guide does not include instructions how to set up a mail server.

User email configuration

With the available checkbox, you can enable/disable mail delivery for that user altogether. The Test email button sends a test mail to the user, to check, whether email delivery is functioning. In the Notification section a list of report types is presented together with the selectable subscription modus. Usually, report summaries can be subscribed Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Event notifications however are sent in real time. Sometimes they can be filtered to only notify on user owned entities. Rarely, those subscriptions can further be filtered by a query following the syntax of the Filter Bars.