Puppet Environments

The Puppet environments page (also referred to simply as the environments page) can be accessed via the The Configure Menu:

Configure > Environments

The Puppet environments page forms a part of orcharhino’s Puppet support. Puppet is currently the default option for configuration management within orcharhino. (See also Puppet Guide).

Puppet environments exist to group Puppet hosts. They are a Puppet, and not an orcharhino feature. As such, they are independent of orcharhino’s lifecycle environments. (See also: Lifecycle Environments). They can however be used in a similar way.


The Create Puppet Environment button as well as the Delete action will only create/delete Puppet environments within orcharhino (and not within Puppet). As a result such changes will be undone the next time we Import the corresponding information from the Puppet master. These changes must instead be made directly in the Puppet master.