All ContainersΒΆ

The all containers page can be reached via The Containers Menu:

Containers > All Containers


The containers menu adds experimental Docker support to orcharhino. This Docker support is not production ready, nor supported by ATIX. Its use on production systems is deprecated.

If orcharhino has access to a Docker type compute resource (see also: Compute Resources) then any containers managed through orcharhino, will be listed on the all containers page. (The all containers page plays an analogous role for containers as the all hosts page for hosts).

Containers can be thought of as lightweight alternatives to virtual machines. Like virtual machines, a container includes everything needed to run an application including the binary, libraries, configuration files, and environment variables, without interfering with other containers or the host operating system. Unlike virtual machines, containers run natively on the host system (sharing tho operating system kernel), thus avoiding the overhead of full fledged VM emulation.