The subscriptions page can be accessed via The Content Menu:

Content > Red Hat Subscriptions

The subscriptions page forms a part of orcharhino’s content management. (See also: Content Management Guide).

The subscriptions page exists to list subscriptions. The subscriptions page will list one subscription for every product (see also Products) that is not associated with Red Hat. In addition the subscriptions page will list Red Hat subscriptions. Red Hat subscriptions can be obtained by importing a Red Hat manifest, which are available to Red Hat customers. Red Hat subscriptions tend to be limited in number. (That is they can only be deployed to a limited number of hosts, and once they are so consumed additional subscriptions need to be bought).

Once a Red Hat manifest has been imported (that is the corresponding Red Hat subscriptions have been added), individual Red Hat repositories need to be enabled, before any Red Hat products will be added to orcharhino. (See also Red Hat Repositories and Products).