SUSE Subscriptions


The SUSE Subscriptions page is a part of the SCC manager plugin and will only exist if this plugin is installed on your orcharhino.

The SUSE subscriptions page can be accessed via The Content Menu:

Content > SUSE Subscriptions

The SUSE subscriptions page forms a part of orcharhino’s content management. (See also: Content Management Guide).

This page provides SUSE Customer Centre (SCC) account integration for orcharhino. It is possible to add multiple SCC accounts. Once a SCC account has been successfully added, it can be used to import preconfigured SUSE products into orcharhino. (See also Products).

The SUSE subscriptions page contains an Add SCC account button, and a list of scc accounts already known to orcharhino:

List of configured SCC accounts
  • The Add SCC account button (1) will open the add SCC account window. (See Adding an SCC Account below).

  • Clicking on the Name (3) of an existing entry in the list of scc accounts (2) will open the edit SCC account window (of that account). (See Editing an SCC Account below).

  • Selecting the Select products action (4) will open the SUSE product selection window (of the relevant SCC account). (See Importing SUSE Products below).

  • Selecting the Sync action (5) will create a task (see also Tasks) to synchronize the list of available SUSE products for the relevant SCC account. (The number of products displayed in the Products columns of the list of scc accounts (2) may change).

  • Selecting the Delete action (6) (for a given SCC account) will delete that account from orcharhino.

Adding an SCC Account

The add SCC account window can be accessed via the Add SCC account button:

Content > SUSE Subscriptions >> Add SCC account


You will require your SCC “organization credentials” (login and password) to add an SCC account to orcharhino.

The add SCC account window looks as follows:

Add a SuSE SCC account
  • Choose an arbitrary Name (1) for your SCC account entry.

  • Add your SCC “organization credentials” into the Login (2) and Password (3) fields.

  • The Base URL field (4) should not need changing.

  • Upon being clicked, the Test Connection button (5) will turn green if the above entries (2), (3), (4) are correct.

  • Remember to click Submit (6) to save your changes.

  • You may now want to synchronize your newly added SCC account.

Editing an SCC Account

The edit SCC account window (for a given SCC account) can be accessed via the list of acc accounts:

Content > SUSE Subscriptions >> list of acc accounts > Name column > name of an scc account

This window is the same as the add SCC account window, with the difference that fields will be prefilled with the settings of the account being edited:

Edit SuSE SCC accounts
  • Make any desired changes, then click the Submit button (1) to save them.

Importing SUSE Products

The SUSE product selection window (for a given SCC account) can be accessed via the list of acc accounts:

Content > SUSE Subscriptions >> list of acc accounts > Actions column > Select products

Select the products of a SuSE SCC account to products
  • Select any SUSE products you want to add to orcharhino via the check boxes provided (1), and click Submit (2).

  • All further actions relating to your SUSE products (including synchronization and removal) are now handled via the products page. (See also: Products).