Architectures are one aspect of orcharhino’s provisioning setup. The architectures page can be accessed via the hosts menu:

Hosts > Architectures

Before using orcharhino to manage any hosts, we need to specify the architectures those hosts will run on. The term architecture here refers to instruction set architectures like x86_64, i386, or sparc.

The architectures page includes a Create Architecture button and a list of existing architectures as follows:

List of architectures
  • Existing architectures can be edited by clicking on their name in the list.

  • New architectures can be created by clicking on the Create Architecture button.

When creating or editing an architecture you can freely choose its name and associate it with one or more operating systems:

Create an architecture
  • The Name field should be something meaningful (e.g. a conventional architecture shorthand like x86_64).

  • Associated Operating Systems should be capable of running on the architecture in question.

  • Remember to click Submit to save your changes.


If you have not yet added any operating systems to orcharhino these associations can alternatively be added later via the operating systems page.