Installation Media

Installation media are one aspect of orcharhino’s Provisioning Setup. The installation media page can be accessed via The Hosts Menu:

Hosts > Installation media

An installation medium in orcharhino represents the installation files for one or more Operating Systems, which must be accessible via the network. (Either via an URL or a NFS server location).

The installation media page includes a Create Medium button and a list of existing media as follows:

List of configured installation media
  • Existing media can be edited by clicking on their name in the list.

  • New media can be created by clicking on the Create Medium button.


The list of displayed installation media is sensitive to context. (See also: The Context Menu). This means only those installation media associated with the currently selected context (<organization>@<location>) will be visible in the list.

Select Any Organization and Any Location from the context menu to see all existing installation media. For the sake of users with restricted access, make sure installation media are associated with the right organizations and locations.

When creating or editing a medium you can freely choose its name, you must provide a path to the installation files, and you should choose the operating system family of the medium in question:

Create a installation media
  • The Name field should be something meaningful (e.g. CentOS mirror).

  • As can be seen above the Path field includes additional usage instructions directly in orcharhino.

  • In particular, the Path field supports the inclusion of variables such as $arch, $version, $major, $minor, and $release. That way, a single installation medium entry in orcharhino, can be used to point at different versions of the installation media for a single distribution.

  • The Path field would typically be an URL to an internet mirror for the relevant Linux distribution (e.g.$version/os/$arch), or a NFS path to a copy of an installation disk image (e.g. http://<nfs-host>.<domain>/pub/iso/sles12sp1/).

  • The Operating system family should be chosen from the drop down list provided.

In addition, you should provide your installation medium with a context (see also: The Context Menu), via the Locations and Organizations tabs:

Assigning a installation media to locations / organizations
  • Remember to click Submit to save your changes.


A clean install of orcharhino should already include some preconfigured installation media.