Smart Proxy GuideΒΆ

Smart proxies are autonomous orcharhino components that may run on a separate host from the main orcharhino installation, interacting with it using the client-server model. The main orcharhino installation will always come bundled with integrated smart proxy functionality, such that this host can function as the sole smart proxy for most use cases.

Separate smart proxies are only needed in a scenario where orcharhino is being used to manage an IT infrastructure that spans across multiple networks. In such a scenario orcharhino will require a smart proxy in every network with a compute resource other than the network that the main orcharhino server is in. (See also: Compute Resources Guide).

This guide exists to describe the various scenarios that require smart proxies, as well as the features that smart proxies provide. It is meant to complement relevant documentation found in The Infrastructure Menu section of the Management UI chapter:


This usage guide is a stub. We are hoping to expand it into a full fledged usage guide in a future release of this documentation. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience.