OpenSCAP Guide

The OpenSCAP plugin allows orcharhino to collect automated vulnerability and security compliance audits from managed hosts using SCAP.

OpenSCAP Overview
  • Run OpenSCAP scans to ensure your managed hosts are compliant.

  • Use a Puppet module to install and configure the OpenSCAP client on your managed hosts. The OpenSCAP plugin uses Puppet to install and configure software on managed hosts and manage OpenSCAP content on orcharhino itself.

  • Distribute SCAP content to content hosts with orcharhino.

  • Import SCAP content into orcharhino, for example from the scap-security-guide package. For more information on how to obtain additional SCAP content or modify existing SCAP content, see the official OpenSCAP documentation.

For more information, see Managing Security Compliance in the Administering orcharhino guide.

The OpenSCAP plugin adds four items to the host menu:

Webinar "orcharhino and OpenSCAP Policies"