Compute Resources

The Compute Resources chapter provides general information about compute resources supported by orcharhino and extends documentation normally found in the infrastructure menu.

The following compute resource providers are supported by orcharhino:

  • Amazon EC2 (read only console from orcharhino)

  • Google GCE (read only console from orcharhino)

  • libvirt (VNC)

  • Microsoft Azure (console n/a)

  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (VNC)

  • oVirt (VNC)

  • Proxmox (VNC)

  • RHV (VNC)

  • VMware vSphere (VMware console)

The console indicates the type of orcharhino support for direct console access to virtual hosts via orcharhino’s management UI.

A compute resource provider belongs to one or more organizations and locations. Hosts running on a selected compute resource must be assigned to the same context.

Generally speaking, you need to first install the appropriate plugin on orcharhino before adding the compute resource in Infrastructure > Compute Resources >> Create Compute Resource. There are several sections on how to attach each individual compute resource to orcharhino: