Compute Resources

orcharhino supports the following Compute Resources:

  • Amazon EC2 (read only console from orcharhino)

  • Google GCE (read only console from orcharhino)

  • KVM (VNC)

  • Kubevirt (VNC)

  • Microsoft Azure (console not available)

  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (VNC)

  • oVirt (VNC)

  • Proxmox (VNC)

  • Red Hat Virtualization (VNC)

  • VMware (VMware console)

The console indicates the type of orcharhino support for direct console access to virtual hosts through orcharhino’s management UI.

A compute resource provider belongs to one or more organizations and locations. Hosts running on a selected compute resource must be assigned to the same context.

orcharhino supports multiple compute resources such as VMware, Proxmox, oVirt, libvirt, and Azure, EC2, and GCE