Upgrading orcharhino Server

This guide describes how you can upgrade orcharhino to a newer version. See the orcharhino Release Notes for a high level overview of available versions and their features.

ATIX provides guided upgrades performed by our consultants as part of our support subscriptions. Please contact us if you would like to make use of this service.

Ensure that you carefully read all of the instructions, warnings, and recommendations presented in this guide and the appropriate version specific orcharhino Upgrade Notes in the ATIX Service Portal. ATIX AG does not offer support for recovery from a failed upgrade if you did not follow our upgrade guide.

ATIX AG does not support using third party repositories on your orcharhino Server or orcharhino Proxies. Resolving package conflicts or other issues due to third party or custom repositories is not part of your orcharhino support subscription. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Performing the Upgrade

Use this procedure to upgrade orcharhino Server from orcharhino 6.8 to orcharhino 6.9.

  1. Check the version specific upgrade steps for orcharhino 6.9.

  2. Backup your orcharhino Server:

    ATIX AG recommends running orcharhino Server as a virtual server and performing a system snapshot at this point. For more information, see Backing Up orcharhino.

  3. Update and list the versions known to your orcharhino Server:

    # dnf upgrade orcharhino-maintain-definitions
    # orcharhino-maintain upgrade list-versions
  4. Upgrade your orcharhino Server:

    # orcharhino-maintain upgrade run --target-version 6.9
  5. In the orcharhino management UI, navigate to Administer > About.

  6. On the Backend System Status tab, ensure that each component is listed with status OK.

Upgrading Puppet

You can use orcharhino-maintain to upgrade Puppet. This check is also part of the orcharhino pre-upgrade checks.

  1. On your orcharhino Server, run the Puppet upgrade check:

    # orcharhino-maintain health check --label orcharhino-puppet-support

    orcharhino-maintain checks if your current Puppet version is supported on your orcharhino instance. If an upgrade is available, you can follow the instructions to either abort or start the Puppet upgrade process.

  2. Run orcharhino-installer to apply the Puppet upgrade:

    # orcharhino-installer