ATIX Support

This chapter of the documentation provides information about ATIX’s orcharhino support.

The main way for orcharhino users to interact with ATIX Support is the ATIX Service Portal.

Within the ATIX Service Portal, you can open orcharhino support tickets, submit bug reports, or make a feature request. You can also browse the orcharhino Knowledge Base to see if there is already a solution for any issues you may have.

Using the ATIX Service Portal requires a customer login. We will send you the needed account details at the beginning of your subscription period. If you forgot your password, you can reset it directly on the start page of the ATIX Service Portal. If none of this has worked for you, please contact us at

When interacting with ATIX Support, you may be asked to perform various actions to help diagnose the problem. For more information, see the troubleshooting chapter and monitoring resources in the Administering orcharhino guide.

In addition, information on the orcharhino Knowledge Base and the orcharhino debug utility can be found in the following subsections: