ATIX Support

ATIX provides support for orcharhino. You can use the the ATIX Service Portal to interact with ATIX Support. Within the ATIX Service Portal, you can open orcharhino support tickets, submit bug reports, or make a feature request. You can also browse the orcharhino Knowledge Base within the ATIX Service Portal to see if there is already a solution for any issues you may have.

Using the ATIX Service Portal requires a customer login. We will send you the needed account details at the beginning of your subscription period. If you forgot your password, you can reset it directly on the start page of the ATIX Service Portal. If none of this has worked for you, please contact us at

When interacting with ATIX Support, you may be asked to perform various actions to help diagnose the problem. For more information, see Monitoring Resources in the Administering orcharhino guide.

orcharhino Debug

When you open a support request with ATIX, we may ask you to provide an archive created by orcharhino-debug so we can better diagnose the problem. You can use the orcharhino-debug utility on your orcharhino Server and your orcharhino Proxies to collect configuration and log data for debugging. You can upload the collected information to ATIX Support by using the -u option. If you choose to upload your tarball, ensure you reference its filename when you contact ATIX Support. This filename is shown by orcharhino-debug after the upload has completed successfully. For more information, run orcharhino-debug -h.

We respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (Deutsch: Datenschutz-Grundverordnung/DSGVO). orcharhino-debug packages data such as log files and the output of certain analysis tools. The -u option sends the collected data to ATIX AG via a secure channel. Passwords and other access keys are excluded. We respect your privacy and respect data protection. If you still have concerns, do not use this tool (or at least not the -u option). If you use orcharhino-debug together with the -u option, the data you have sent will be used in confidence and deleted as quickly as possible.

orcharhino Knowledge Base

The orcharhino Knowledge Base collects solutions to past customer issues in the form of short articles and is part of the ATIX Service Portal. It complements this documentation and includes articles that do not fit well within the structure of this documentation. Please check the the orcharhino Knowledge Base before opening a ticket in case there is already a solution for it.

The ATIX Service Portal collects and publishes important and urgent security advisories in the list of security notes. This information allows you to react fast, mitigate and solve potential issues, and update software when necessary. This leads to better overall security and stability of your orcharhino.

orcharhino Training

ATIX offers orcharhino trainings on how to automate your data centre with orcharhino. The trainings communicate orcharhino’s capabilities, including host deployment, lifecycle management, configuration management, and patch management. Participants gain valuable insights on how to make their life easier as an admin. For more information, see the orcharhino trainings website or contact us.