Upgrading orcharhino Clients

orcharhino Server and orcharhino Clients are a large software suite undergoing active development. We recommend to upgrade orcharhino Clients when ATIX releases new versions to take advantage of its new features and bug fixes. For more information, see orcharhino Release Notes.

ATIX provides guided upgrades performed by our consultants as part of our support subscriptions. Please contact us if you would like to make use of this service.

orcharhino 6.9 comes with orcharhino Clients gen2. For a list of upstream URLs for all orcharhino Clients, see Adding orcharhino Clients manually and Using orcharhino Clients gen2 in the ATIX Service Portal.

Ensure to carefully read all instructions, warnings, and recommendations presented in this guide and the appropriate version specific orcharhino Upgrade Notes in the ATIX Service Portal. ATIX does not offer support for recovery from a failed upgrade if you did not follow our upgrade guide.

  1. Synchronize all products containing the orcharhino Client repositories.

    Navigate to Content > Products and select Sync Now from the action menu. We recommend assigning a sync plan to each product so that all repositories within are synchronized on a regular basis.

  2. Publish a new version of the content view containing the orcharhino Client repositories.

Hosts subscribed to an activation key containing the client repositories or corresponding content views automatically receive the newly synchronized orcharhino Clients.