Managing Content for Hosts Running Oracle Linux

You can start by importing content and use orcharhino to manage application lifecycles. Content views are named lists of repositories and simplify versioning content for managed hosts. You can subscribe hosts to orcharhino using an activation key. Once you deliver software packages from orcharhino to managed hosts, you can additionally roll out security errata to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Software packages for Oracle Linux are distributed by Oracle through the Unbreakable Linux Network. To manage hosts running Oracle Linux and serve content, you need to fetch the software packages from Oracle first.

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After completing this guide, your orcharhino can provide content for hosts running Oracle Linux. You can now continue with the provisioning hosts guide.

Ensure that you have the necessary Oracle Linux subscription if you want to run Oracle Linux on managed hosts. Your orcharhino subscription does not include any Oracle Linux subscriptions. Please contact us if you need help obtaining the relevant subscriptions or have questions on how to use your existing subscriptions.