Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subscriptions and Simple Content Access

If you use Simple Content Access (SCA) on your orcharhino, you have to manage and count your Red Hat subscriptions using Red Hat Cloud Console.

Installing Red Hat Cloud plug-in on orcharhino

You have to install the Red Hat Cloud plug-in on your orcharhino Server to upload reports to For more information, see Installing Red Hat Cloud plug-in in Managing Hosts.

Enabling Red Hat Insights during host provisioning or registration

You have to set the host parameter host_registration_insights with type boolean to true to enable Red Hat Insights. If you set this value globally for a hosts or for all Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system entries and want to exclude specific hosts or host groups, see Excluding hosts from rh-cloud and insights-client reports in Managing Hosts. For more information on host parameter inheritance, see Host parameter hierarchy in Provisioning Hosts.

Verifying compliance with Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions

orcharhino 6.8 with SCA enabled no longer manages your Red Hat subscriptions. Instead, orcharhino Server transfers the information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions and other Red Hat products used by your hosts to For more information, see Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console and Product Documentation for Red Hat Insights.

Red Hat content on Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts

Red Hat manifests define the default state whether specific repositories are enabled or disabled on hosts. The default state does not follow an obvious pattern but depends on the Red Hat product such as "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" or "Red Hat OpenShift". On orcharhino, you can enable and disable Red Hat content for activation keys. For more information, see Enabling and disabling repositories on activation key in Managing Content.

Additional resources

Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on managed hosts requires a subscription from Red Hat. Ensure to provide valid licenses for all used Red Hat products. Using insufficient, invalid, or otherwise inadequate licenses might violate your terms with Red Hat.

We recommend using a Manifest file from your Red Hat account to import available content to orcharhino. Navigate to Content > Subscriptions to see available and consumed Red Hat subscriptions.